Hydrocolloid Blister Plasters

Blisters on the feet are an annoying problem familiar to many hikers, athletes and active people. They can considerably impair the enjoyment of sports…

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Excessive production of earwax can lead to earache or partial hearing loss. 

LIVSANE Ear Drops Natural with medicated olive oil soften and gently…

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LIVSANE Zinc Cream

LIVSANE Zinc Cream with a high content of zinc oxide (15%) promotes wound healing and leaves a protective barrier that shields irritated sore and…

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LIVSANE Panthenol Cream

Every skin has areas that are particularly stressed from time to time. Wind and weather or strong sunlight can make skin areas cracked and brittle.…

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Introducing the LIVSANE D3 Range

You know it yourself: when the sun shines, suddenly everyone is in a good mood. In bad weather or in winter, the hormone balance in the body changes…

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Launch of the new LIVSANE joint range

Many people suffer from joint pain - temporarily or long-term. They can occur in different joints such as the hand, finger, foot, knee or shoulder.

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LIVSANE Eye Care range - the right product for every situation

When screen work gets on your eyes/ WATCH OUT!


After a long day at the office, your eyes burn and your back hurts. In home office it is often even…

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NEW LIVSANE Active Carbon 250

Have you ever had to suffer from diarrhoea, food, heavy metal or drug poisoning? Probably an experience you would rather forget...

Typical symptoms…

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LIVSANE Heat Therapy Range

PXG launched a heat therapy range. The range consists of a Heat Wrap, Heat Patch and a Heat Belt.

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