Excessive production of earwax can lead to earache or partial hearing loss. 
LIVSANE Ear Drops Natural with medicated olive oil soften and gently remove earwax. The ear drops are simply dripped into the ear canal and dissolve the clumped wax. This clears the ear and improves hearing. The drops are particularly gentle and do not irritate the sensitive skin in the ear. When used once a week, the drops also help to prevent the formation of earwax. 

Ear Drops Strong with dual-action formula contains glycerine, which gently softens hardened earwax, and urea-hydrogen peroxide, which releases oxygen.  The drops are particularly useful for excessive earwax secretion in the ear canal.

  • Prevents the accumulation of earwax in the ear canal
  • Quickly and effectively soften and remove hardened earwax
  • Ear Drops Natural: With medicinal grade olive oil
  • Ear Drops Strong:  Dual action formula with glycerol and urea hydrogen peroxide