LIVSANE Eye Care range - the right product for every situation

When screen work gets on your eyes/ WATCH OUT!

After a long day at the office, your eyes burn and your back hurts. In home office it is often even worse, because lighting, chair, table and screen are usually not designed for prolonged work. Furthermore different environmental influences such as UV radiation, dry air or too little sleep and the wearing of contact lenses can strain the eyes. The result: dry, red and irritated eyes. 

  • Depending on the severity of the dryness the LIVSANE dry eye daily or intense will hydrate your irritated eye suitable and thus ensure a balance of the tear fluid.
  • You have red eyes from allergies? The LIVSANE red eye drops will relieve burning and help against the redness and with the red eye spray you are perfectly prepared for on the go.
  • Contact lens wearers in particular should not miss out - the All in one contact lens solution from LIVSANE can be used for the complete maintenance of all types of contact lenses. It rinses, cleans, disinfects, removes protein residues, lubricates and stores. Whether you use  the 360ml pack at home or 100ml on the move - you'll always be well looked after.