Introducing the LIVSANE D3 Range

You know it yourself: when the sun shines, suddenly everyone is in a good mood. In bad weather or in winter, the hormone balance in the body changes and tiredness, listlessness and illness can often be the result. But where does this come from? 

Humans cover most of their vitamin D needs through the sun's rays in the skin. Vitamin D3 is considered a power vitamin for the immune system, vitality and bones. 
Especially in the cold season, there is a lack of sunlight and a deficiency of vitamin D can occur. Either the body draws the missing vitamins from its reserves or, in the long run, there can be negative side effects, such as a weakening immune system. Moreover, without vitamin D, the body is no longer able to draw calcium from food. It will try to fall back on the body's reserves, for example by dissolving calcium from the bones which can lead to demineralisation of the bones.

With the LIVSANE D3 range you can easily ensure that your body is always supplied with sufficient vitamin d- depending on your individual requirements.