Hydrocolloid Blister Plasters

Blisters on the feet are an annoying problem familiar to many hikers, athletes and active people. They can considerably impair the enjoyment of sports or exercise and even lead to pain. One way to prevent or treat blisters is with LIVSANE Hydrocolloid Blister Plasters.

These special plasters are able to absorb and bind moisture, creating a protective barrier that protects the blister from friction and pressure and supports natural wound healing. It also helps protect the wound from harmful bacteria & dirt. The patch should not be removed too soon, when it starts to lift at the edges it can gently and easily be peeled off in the bath.

  • Reduce immediately pressure and pain
  • Flexible and robust
  • Suitable for blisters on hands and feet
  • In a practical on-the-go plastic box, ideal for taking in bags